Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The "fling everything at it" cycle was a spectacular failure. We got one good egg out of five, but the resulting embryo was slow-growing (did they manage to ICSI it with a duff sperm?) and we got a BFN. Oh . . . and high blood pressure and palpitations. So now I'm on beta blockers and freaked out about my health, as well as utterly miserable about the failed cycle. Plus, my theory that all this loss and subfertility was down to having bad eggs is now questionable - 1 in 5 normal eggs is the average for someone who's 40 - which is what I'll be in early February. So our fallback of donor eggs is now also questionable.

And tomorrow I return to work, where my closest work-friend just announced last week that she's pregnant. Joy abounds!

More details on the cycle from hell when I can bring myself to relive them . . .