Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too Busy!!!

I am far, far too busy for someone "in my condition".

This post is by way of an excuse for a) not posting in a while and b) not being very good at commenting on other folks' blogs just now.

We are in the worst time of year at school:
1. We have just finished carrying out and marking assessments.
2. We are trying desperately to finish all the work we put in our forward plans.
3. My class and the other 2 P1 classes are being split up and recombined to form 3 equally sized classes, which involves an awful lot of paperwork and meetings etc.
4. We have to totally strip all the walls in the classroom.
5. I have to pack up all my belongings and those of the children, ready to move to a new classroom.

And we're trying to do all this in a heat of 30 degrees centigrade as the "Hut" that I teach in must originally have been designed as an industrial sized oven. All day we try and coax the children through the remaining work, until the room gets too hot and we have to decant to the playground. Once the children go home, it's time to mark, organise, meet and pack. I'm rarely leaving work before 6pm and have to stay later when I can.

On top of this, we have multiple appointments relating to the pregnancy and my parents are moving house this Friday and we're due to go on holiday this Saturday.

I am exhausted and cannot wait for it all to stop - school finishes this Thursday and then I hope to get back on here (if I can get a signal from where I'm escaping to) and blog and comment again. In the meantime, I am reading blogs whenever I can to keep up to date and am thinking of you all.


Rebecca said...

Glad you're keeping busy and glad everything still seems to be going well! You're going to be in the 2nd trimester in a few days, aren't you? Congratulations!

Baby bump bound said...

I am so happy that you can now focus on other parts of life and now thoughts of what is going on in your uterus make you smile :)