Sunday, January 2, 2011


I had a sweep on Friday! And now I've had a show and an upset tummy. No contractions yet and my waters are still in place, but things do seem to be moving. If I haven't got started on my own beforehand, I go in to be induced tomorrow evening at 5.30pm.

I am terrified! I am terrified of labour, of what my blood pressure will do (it's been up quite a bit this last week, even with increased medication), of having to have an emergency c-section and mostly of me and my baby not being OK at the end of all this. We have waited so long for this to happen but we have been on the wrong side of the statistics too many times for me to have faith that everything will turn out fine. If you're the praying type, say one for us please!


Roccie said...

Argh! This is it! Holy moly holy moly.

Don't be too afraid. I remember being horribly scared as well, I don't think anyones words can calm that fear.


When it is all said and done, I bet you say "hm, wasn't as bad as I thought". I bet.

I was induced too. Yeah, it hurts but I cannot address natural child birth as I had me an epidural. If you get one, dang, smooth sailing. Just a little rough getting there, but it isn't like those terrifying movies they had us watch in birthing class.

Best wishes. I am on the edge of my seat.

You think your heart will explode with the love. It is earth shattering and mind blowing. Words cannot touch it.

Oh i cannot wait to hear your story.

Much love and good wishes coming your way.

And The Beat Goes On... said...

Hi there,
I am new to following your blog and just read your most recent post. I have PCOS and my husband and I have been TTC for 3 years...but we had a bump along the way. I found out I needed open heart surgery Oct. of 2009, and had a pacemaker implanted this past June so although we haven't been blessed with a little one yet, I can relate to your feelings of fear: after ALL of this, will everything be ok?? I will say a prayer for you tonight and wish you all of the best. You will be taken care of - you have so much ahead of you, such amazing memories to make!

lastchanceivf said...

WOW I'm too late to wish you the best of luck but not too late to offer up prayers that everything is going perfectly! You deserve the happiest ending of all!!