Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Struggling For 5 Good Things!

It has been a long day.

My wee one is still not well and is very clingy and totally out of his routine, sleeping badly (and only if he's in bed with me or on my lap) and is vomiting. So I have spent most of the day trying to get fluid into the wee soul and to do washing with a small person clinging to my leg in between changing clothes on him and me and cleaning various bits of furniture.

Hence the difficulty in finding 5 good things today - but here goes:
1. I got an ok night of sleep - no 2 hour periods of wide-awake baby.
2. It was a beautiful day here - blue skies and warm sun (which is unusual for March!).
3. Two visits from my dad - he came to deliver messages from my mum but stayed to play.
4. A nice cup of coffee and a donut at my local cafe.
5. At above cafe, wee boy was much admired by several other customers - lots of smiles.

Hope that we have enough of a recovery to make the Donor Conception meeting on Saturday! We also have a 2nd birthday party of double donor twins to attend on Sunday :-).

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